The Łódź branch of Campaign Against Homophobia was started in 2009 and by December 2011 we had enough members and ideas to decide that it was time to be more than a branch! In February 2012 we formed Factory of Equality – with a mutual vision of open, tolerant people of Łódź along with the whole City without homophobia, actively supporting both cultural and social actions in the context of non-heterosexuality.

Want to know more about us? All you have to do is write to us and let us know!

…or maybe you have an idea for an interesting and inspiring event, workshop, movie screening or a party? Do you want to meet new people, act together, but you’re not sure what you could do in our Factory of Equality? Would you like to help us spread tolerance and equality? Don’t wait any longer and share your ideas with us!

We would be happy to help, talk and we could ALWAYS use an extra pair of hands!

A tolerant Łódź is our mutual goal!

Contact us at: poczta [at]
or send an email to our chairman, for further information :
j.milewski [at]


international fundraising:

Klara Saczuk (Co-founder and former Vice president)
k.saczuk [at]