Parents of non-heterosexual persons support group meetings.

We know how challenging it can be for a parent to find out about their child’s homosexuality. We know how long and hard the road is, to realizing the child’s “secret” , to accepting things as they are and how difficult it may be to re-establish your parent-child relationship.

A lot of parents, upon finding out about their child’s sexual orientation  can experience anger, sometimes overwhelming sadness and distance. Other times, they refuse to acknowledge it. They try explaining everything to their children, take them to a specialist in hope that it will all pass and everything will “normal” again.  They don’t know what to do next, how their life is supposed to look like from now on. Sadly, a state like this can sometimes last for years…

First of all we understand  that parents can feel very lonely in such situations. That they feel shy about talking about it even with their closest friends. They have nobody to open up to, express their feelings, and finally – they no one to exchange their emotions and experiences with.

The Factory of Equality and Campaign Against Homophobia want to help such parents by inviting them to our group meeting for parents of gays, lesbians, bisexual  and transgender persons. We always do our best to provide our new comers with all the support and answers to all the questions they might have.

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Us, parents. Questions and answers from parents of lesbians, gays and bisexual persons.
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