Factory of Equality offers psychological support for people seeking consults in terms of sexual orientation – both your own or someone close to you.

Statistics show, that  5% to 10% of Polish society is non-heterosexual. Homosexuality, just like bi- or heterosexuality is among those factors that are responsible for defining one’s identity. It is not a matter of choice! None of them is recognized as a disorder. World Health Organization and all international psychology and psychotherapy associations define homosexuality as a variation of a healthy and normal human sexual orientation.

It is crucial to support young people, who still in their teens (or sometimes even earlier) discover their own sexuality, go through their first infatuations and heartbreaks. Their psychological and emotional  growth as well as future well-being  all depend on how their problems are treated and how our society reacts to them now.

If there are people in your school (students, parents, teachers),  seeking professional and reliable information, or looking for support in all terms connected with homosexuality, we encourage you to contact us. We offer you both online and real life psychological consults.

Of course, if you ever wish to organize “a lesson of tolerance” or anti discrimination workshops at your school  – let us know!  Our professional and experienced team would be happy to do this for you free of charge.