Are you having a problem that needs help solving? Are you feeling lost or confused being a non-heterosexual person? Have you ever experienced any sort of homophobic violence?

Don’t hesitate, write to us!

Help, from our local consultants right from Łódź, is given by :

Cecylia Przybyszewska – psychologist

You can talk to them online or request a real life meeting  at:

Friendly specialists

We are continually trying to uptade our list of places and people providing both psychological and medical help. In any of the places below, you will definitely NOT be discriminated against because of your sexual orientation.

If you know of any more that aren’t on our list, let us know! Send us an email with all the contact details of a place we can add below and help others, who are seeking understanding and reassurance.
Andrzej Śliwerski: tel. 693-402-269
Pracownia Psychologiczna:  ul. Źródłowa 6, tel.
Marta Zielke – psycholożka udzielająca porad w Stowarzyszeniu przy Kościuszki 48, I piętro, wizyta 70zł, na konsultacje można umówić się dzwoniąc pod numer tel. 0 603 799 151 lub
Teresa Dulemba – Poradnia Zdrowia Psychicznego ” Synapsis”, ul. Obornicka 15/24, tel. 042 6171189
Paweł Stasiński – psycholog w NZOZ Medycyna Grabieniec, Chłopickiego 49, tel. 42 6 111 089